w Card 1 588 copy copyHere’s my pricing for weddings and portraits. If you have an event you want covered, email me with the specifics, as pricing will depend on varying factors.


I offer both local and destination packages with lots of affordable options for any bride in any location. I have wedding packages ranging from $2600 to $4500. Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you over the detailed price list, which breaks all the options down.

Destination Weddings:

I am based out of Pittsburgh, PA but will travel to any location to be a part of your awesome day. Outside of the general Pittsburgh area, If I can easily drive to your wedding, I may ask you to add $50 to cover gas depending on distance. If the drive is a little too long for a roundtrip the same day, I may ask that you put me up somewhere for 2 nights so that I can get home safely, in addition to gas prices, which will vary depending on location (usually $100-$150). There’s a $1,000 flat charge for US weddings that I can’™t easily drive to from Pittsburgh. I cover the flight, car, hotel, and I even feed myself. :) If you want a second photographer, an additional $500 will be added to this price (this will cover the price to add them on to the package). I’ve found that $1,000 is the typical expense needed for me to do destination weddings, but if you can find a way to make it cheaper for you (I’ve stayed in guest houses and crashed with family and friends of the couple), please let me know! Please e-mail for travel pricing outside the US.


Sitting fees start at $125 and CD/print packages range from $100 to $500. Please contact me for additional info and I’ll be happy to mail you the detailed price list.