Hey lovely reader!

I had a pretty powerful realization this week that made me stand still, literally and figuratively, and I wanted to share it with you.

I am kind of over photography.

When the idea of this occurred to me, I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. I mean, it’s been my full-time business for seven years. An art I have thoroughly enjoyed off and on for most of my life. And the art form where I can best express my creative side these days.

I have been encountering an upheaval in this area for a while, and things have been shifting quite a bit for me over the past few years. But this was an extreme thought, even within that upheaval.

So I chewed on it. What does this mean?

Do I want to completely stop taking photos? No. I feel that strongly. But I’m getting a lot pickier. I’m shifting away from clients who want to hire me for their shoots and more into teaching what I know to those who want to create art for themselves.

Because here’s the thing:

As creatives, we’re fluid so much of the time. Pretty much every artist I know is into more than one form of creative expression. Change is inevitable in life, and why would things in a creative business be any different? So I’m going with it. Stepping on this path and seeing where it leads.

Is it nerve-wracking? Yes. There’s a part of me that feels like this path looks a bit like the upside-down from Stranger Things. Dark. Unknown.

But I can’t force myself to continue on a path where I know I’m heading in the wrong direction.

And neither should you.

It’s really effing scary. Trust me. I get it. I’m there.

But isn’t it also scary to stay stuck somewhere you know, deep down, you don’t want to be? That that thing doesn’t fit quite the same way, and things need to be adjusted?

So! Onward and upward. Keep on creating things that make your heart sing. And don’t be scared to step onto a path that is new. If your heart is leading that way, I think you should follow. <3


Part of me streamlining my focus had me cleaning out my costume collection, and I’m offering them to you! I’m only selling them for the cost of what I paid, i don’t want any sort of profit, I just want them to move, so many of them are $5, $10, $15 bucks. So if you’re wanting to add some fun, fantastical, whimsical pieces to your props, or if you want to try your hand at something a little more fine art and aren’t sure where to start, check them out! I’m shipping all over the world too!

Click here to head over to the clear-out! PLEASE NOTE: I’m traveling until December 7th, so any orders placed between now and then will be shipped out as soon as I’m home. :)

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