I watched a really fun video from Buzzfeed recently about a minimalistic lifestyle (I included it at the end). There were all varying degrees of living with less, but the general idea is that we are drowning ourselves in stuff. And I don’t know about you, but I definitely fit into this category.

A few months ago I went through a purging phase, and I managed to narrow down some things like my books (I gave ELEVEN bags to the used book store!).  And it felt really good. But as I sat and looked around the room, I still noticed all the clutter I needed to deal with eventually.

But you know what else happened? I honestly felt like I breathed a bit easier, now that my shelves weren’t bursting but were now comfortably situated (I even have room for face-outs now! What is this madness?!). And then, once I watched this video, I realized that there’s so much more I could be purging.

So I’m going to pick an area a week, and really purge it. Keep the things that I need and that matter, and get rid of the rest. And I encourage you to do the same!

Here’s my list:

  • Kitchen cupboards (do I really need all those margarita glasses?)
  • The TV Unit (VHS?! Seriously?)
  • Dry Pantry (time to eat up that soup I bought as an experiment, or time to move it along)
  • Prop shelves (Do I really need all this random weird shit that I think might make it into a photo?)
  • Desk Drawers (Can anyone say junk drawer? If it’s ‘junk’, pitch it!)
  • Random office supplies (enough said)
  • Bathroom toiletries/under the sink (combine some of those conditioner bottles and make room!)
  • Linen closet (If it’s stained or old or tired, why the heck am I hanging onto it?)
  • Bookshelves -again (those books I swear I’ll read someday? Time for a Goodreads list for a future digital copy)
  • The dreaded closet (This one has multiple categories)
    • Current clothes (holes, utilitarian/boring, ill-fitting, doesn’t make me feel awesome? It should go!)
    • Shoes (will you really wear all those heels again someday?)
    • Smaller sizes (It’s okay to keep a few pieces you love, but whole wardrobes? Seriously?!)

So yeah, I have a lot of work ahead of me. But the thought of having a lot less clutter, having spaces designated for things that I love and that make me happy, the feeling of peace this is going to prompt, it’s all going to be worth it. I’m going to try and pick one of these things a week. Even if it’s just one kitchen cupboard, it’s something. I’m moving forward.

I hope my list got you thinking about your spaces. How much of your mental health and creativity are you blocking with stuff? Where can you clear out some pockets for a more peaceful vibe? It’s the season for giving after all, so more is probably coming in. It’s time to keep what we need, what has meaning, what matters, and leave the rest behind. I know we’ll all be happier for it.

I mentioned in my last blog that I am clearing out some of my prop dresses, but the other thing I’m going to be clearing out soon is my cabinet of giveaway books! I have a whole cabinet literally packed to the brim with books I’ve been given from publishers. I’m going to be doing some giveaways of those books over the next coming months! If you want in, you should follow the pages for my new review site, Ink Feather Book reviews (instagram is the main one, but also facebook)!

I’m branching out from Lytherus, and I’m excited to bring new, fun content… and clear out some books for people who want to read something new! (yes, yes, so that’s more stuff for you, but you can always read it and then pass it along to a friend who would enjoy it!). So be sure to follow so you don’t miss your chance to win free books!!

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Here’s that buzzfeed video if you want more inspiration!

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