Have you ever felt like your brain is like Jareth’s Labyrinth, all over the place with no clear path towards your goal?


I’m not really enjoying it dude, not at all.

I recently have had the hardest time organizing things in my life. I’ve tried all sorts of various tasks designed to help with this, but I realized last week that what I’m missing from my life right now is physicality. Meaning, I need something tangible to help my brain organize.

I’ve fought this for years, slowly but surely getting on the google calendar train, and writing notes to myself in my phone. I’m also a digital photographer. But every so often I get this itch to have something physical. Tangible. Something that exists in the world like I do. So I’ll make stuff, like dresses I can shoot, or leather cuffs just for the hell of it because they make me happy. I’ll print out my images and put them in nice matting to see them living like they were meant to.

And most recent? I finally embraced the fact that my brain feels best in an analog mindset.

I rearranged my office so that I could create a space to physically hang calendar white boards, to-do lists, and goals.

And it was like my soul let out a deep breath that I didn’t even know it was holding.

This is a weird topic, because it’s not something easy to put a finger on. Sometimes your creating feels off. Sometimes you might be like me, feeling like your brain is a hot mess and needing to find a way to sort everything out.

Are you an analog artist trapped in a digital world? Does your heart sing when you have something to hold in your hands?

Go and scratch that itch, in whatever way it needs it. You’ll find me gleefully putting things in different colors onto my whiteboards. <3

Make some magic!



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