Hi all! Long time no write! Been off the writing grid for a while, but I’m in the process of re-branding my business, and I’m realizing how much I like blogging. I can connect with other creatives and people wanting to learn, and I can share the tools and fun things I use in my projects. So!

The ambitious goal is to blog every weekday. What does that mean for you? Lots and lots of cool instructive tutorials! Insight into how my business runs and how I am able to balance all the parts successfully! Insight into the creative mind and also the mind that has high-function depression. How we can balance good mental health with the other parts of our lives. And so much more!

For today I want to talk about your calling. True calling. What your heart sings to do more than anything else.

I haven’t been on the right path for a while. I’ve been treading close at times, don’t get me wrong. Along the edge, occasionally stepping on the part I’m meant to walk on. But really, truly following the path, with confidence, that’s been harder to come by. See, I think this happens to all of us who are trying to pave the way for ourselves. We get a glimpse of what is right, a nudge, and inkling, and we jump on it and run towards it. We lock that into our minds. This, THIS is what I’m supposed to do. And so we walk that path. Never noticing that, perhaps after a few months, maybe more, maybe less, the path veers slightly. We stay true to the initial path we could have sworn was right. And we veer off-course.

Here’s the thing. It perhaps was the correct course when we first got that glimpse. But unless we’re constantly checking in to make sure we’re heading the right way. there’s the potential to well-meaningly stay on a path that is not actually the one that we need to remain on.

Life is always evolving. Things happen to change and influence us all the time. So why do we hold onto a path that worked for us before? Sometimes it’s still okay, but sometimes we need to change. And change is freaking hard. But to honor your journey as truly as you can, change is inevitable. So tune in. Journal. Check your mindset. Your motivation to work and your energy around it. If things aren’t working the way you think they should be (for me, I was sleeping way too much and didn’t want to do the work that I could have sworn I wanted to do, which was frustrating), you need to do some exploring as to why, and what that means. It usually means that you’ve stepped off the path somewhere. Take some time to look around, so you can get back on your true path as quickly as possible.

I’d love to hear from you guys! What do you do to help you stay true to yourself, your art, your calling?

Until next time (which hopefully will be way sooner than usual, haha), live your dreams!


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