I actually started writing this post with the intent of discussing the schedule shifts we all encounter in the summer, with vacations and kids off from school and all those things… until I realized that it’s past the middle of August. Ha! That’s what traveling all summer gets me, a lapse in time. But actually, what I wanted to talk about today I think is just as applicable as we head into the end of summer and the awesomeness that is the autumn season.

f43512544-wSo, I have a question for you:

What opportunities do you see for your creativity over the next few months?

Here’s the thing. The more I find that I’m open to new ideas, the more they flow in. It builds on itself. And these don’t have to be monumental, life altering things. They can just be chewing on something that you want to improve on, or try that you’ve never tried, or explore new angles of an old familiar thing.

I have been wanting to get my website store up and running for ages. I have a bunch of dresses and other costume things I want to clear out, and it’s the perfect place to do that. I also have all sorts of leftover author swag from the calendars.

When I was in Portland visiting with my good friend Harmony we got to talking about her Etsy store and how she’s always got something available for people. However, I have been fighting some of the ideas we talked about, simply because I see them everywhere. I knew there was truth to what she was saying though, about always having things available for people, so I sort of put that on the back burner as I continued on my way to meet up with my family in the mountains. How could I present these ideas in a new, fresh way?

I can honestly say I’m seeing things around me with new eyes. And I don’t mean vacation eyes, I mean business eyes. I’m finding ways that I can incorporate my style and interests into these old ideas I was avoiding, and it makes me really excited to try and play with the opportunities that are being presented to me.

Yes, I have been out of my normal routine, so there’s lots more chances to see things in a new way, but it isn’t the location as much as it was being open for opportunity. Knowing that I wanted to try something, but wasn’t quite sure how to get there in a way that was true to me, that’s what lead me.

These opportunities? They are all around us. We just have to look. Even if the routines of our lives seem the same, there are ample chances to encounter new, amazing things to fill the creative well and boost us into new ways of thinking and seeing.

So I ask you again:  What opportunities do you see for your creativity over the next few months? I bet there are a lot .. you just have to be open to seeing them. <3


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