If you haven’t heard of photographer Kirsty Mitchell, most likely you’ve come across some of her work over the past few years. She’s an amazing British artist who created a massive project called Wonderland, which consists of some of the most fantastical images around. And one of the coolest things about them is that nothing is Photoshopped. Nothing. All the costumes, all the sets, all the makeup and hair, everything is real. Here are a few examples:

(if you want to see more goodness just click on over to her Flickr).

When I first came across her in 2012 I basically became obsessed. I couldn’t stop talking about her. I was so inspired, so captivated. These were the kind of images I wanted to create. I wasn’t great at Photoshop at the time, and it blew my mind to see what was possible with some elbow grease and a vision. Her inspiration stayed with me, and it’s actually what propelled me into my Beyond Words calendar idea. Seeing someone do this type of thing gave me the courage to try something similar myself. Now, two successful Kickstarters, two calendars and two dozen images later, I couldn’t be more grateful to this wonderful, beautiful creative for bringing her vision into the world and helping to feed mine.

When I heard that some of her work would be on display in New York City as a part of FIT’s Fairy Tale exhibition I freaked out. This is a big deal. Her images have never been on display in the states before, so this was my chance to see them up close and in person. It was absolutely wonderful to be able to get nose to nose with the art that in many ways has impacted my life as an artist.

My little iPhone gallery:

More goodness, she recently announced that she was selling the overstock from her Wonderland books. I missed my chance to snag one during the Kickstarter, so I jumped at the chance this time. A designer friend of mine has one and was drooling over it, which only pushed me further.


So, why all the gushing? Besides showing you some amazing art from an amazing creative, I want you to see what’s possible with a dream and some drive. Don’t be scared to try things that haven’t been done before. Even if it takes longer than you’d like, you need to ask for help, or it doesn’t go quite the way you thought. Put yourself out there with your art. Bring those nagging ideas to life. Don’t think them to death. Say “yes” and then find a way. Kirsty took her skills and applied them and created some of the most magical art I’ve ever seen. It all started with an idea. And leaning into it. Saying yes.


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  • Juliane

    Sounds like a super-inspiring show! Glad that you shared it’s beauty and your inner motivations.