I know you’re out there, people like me. People who are motivated by concrete goals and lists that can be checked off. And I’m sure some of you are also like me, where you fail at every single one of them. 30 days of abs? Try 5. Instagram challenges? Maybe a week, tops. So why on earth would I set myself up for failure by trying to do exactly this in May?

LMZ_0540 s
All images in this blog post are from these unfinished shoots. There’s so much more goodness waiting to see the light of day!

Here’s why. I need to bring some control back into my life. Big-time. I don’t have control of if/when clients book me (which subsequently is my income). I don’t have control over the Kickstarter calendars that are still not finished, even though I do all I can in the nudging department. I don’t have control when depression kicks me in my lady balls and knocks me off my feet for a whole day or more. I haven’t had much control over my eating either, which is one of the core elements of addiction, feeling out of control.

I need some control in my life. I need to grab it and not let go. I need to stop being reactive in my life and start being more proactive. So I’m going to try a challenge in May.

I have done dozens of shoots over the past two years (Dozens! Two years!!!) that I haven’t even touched. Seriously, there’s something like 60, if you count different locations and dress changes as new shoots. Some of them I maybe edited up one picture, but there are handfuls of images in each shoot that I love that are waiting to see the light of day. So why the heck aren’t I editing them? Because I generally don’t enjoy editing. I don’t hate it like I used to, but I am still like “ugh” so often when I think about it. And yet, I love the final product. So I need to do it. Streamline my editing workflow and power through these shoots.

fashion 1 sI also have some extra motivation. I recently got accepted as a contributor to a high end fine art stock site. My dream site, if you will. They totally fit my vibe, and I honestly feel like I could have found a sort of home for the fantastical shoots I gravitate towards. Editing pictures from my shoots means I can submit them to the site. Having them on the site means there’s potential to make money! So basically I am sitting on dozens of shoots that are a possible gold mine.

So! My goal for may is at least 20 of these shoots edited. That’s one a day, five days a week. The editing isn’t that hard for the most part, I just need to do it. I’m also hoping to get some physical activity in there too with this. I need to take control of my body more too. Even something as simple as a walk is moving in the right direction. But these shoots, these darn shoots, I need to just fucking do it! And I already am telling myself that if I don’t succeed I’m not a failure, as long as I try. Because at the end of the month having some edited is more than I started with. But I really am going to try for 20.

Will you join me? What are you avoiding? And more importantly, why? Is it something that could possibly make your life better, if you hunker down and do the work? Will it make your soul happier to complete these tasks? I know my soul will be singing if I manage to get some of these shoots edited. I am going to try and do what needs done, and subsequently open up more creative room for new ideas and new shoots to come in. I encourage you to take a look at your creative process. Is there something you’ve been avoiding that you know, deep down, you need to do? It could even be something as simple as some spring cleaning to lighten the mind as well as the house.

Join me! As extra motivation for me I’ll be posting an image from each edited shoot on my social media (facebook and instagram mainly). Hold me accountable. Let me know if I can hold you accountable. Let’s clear some space for bigger and better things!

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