I’m so exited to release today my three-authors-in-one photo: Tessa Gratton, Brenna Yovanoff, and Maggie Stiefvater (from left to right) as The Fates!

Copyright Lauren Zurchin Studios. It is illegal to use this photo without permission
Copyright Lauren Zurchin Studios. It is illegal to use this photo without permission
Natalie Parker helping prep the costumes
Natalie Parker helping prep the costumes

I love every photo in this calendar, and I’m extremely proud of each. But I think this might be my favorite, because of the energy of having three people in one shot. I’ve been in love with the Vanity Fair multi-people cover spreads for years, and I guess in some way this is my own version of that. But I absolutely, positively adore this photo, and I’m so glad we all took a chance on trying to do more than one person in a shot.

Why was it a risk? Because one person lives in Denver, one lives in Kansas, and one lives in Virginia. They were the second people I asked after Christopher, and Tessa came back with, “We love this, and we want to do it, but you’ll have to work with our schedule. We don’t know where or when, but we will be together sometime before your deadline. If you can do that, we’re on board.” So we planned a tentative shoot from somewhere between April and September.

A close-up of one of the costumes
A close-up of one of the costumes

The when and where ended up being mid-September in the Kansas prairies. Initially I was trying to find a big fancy tree on the edge of a vast prairie. But when driving around I just couldn’t find a tree I was happy with. I came across the tree we ended up using, right on the side of the road, in front of this tiny little cluster of trees.It had a dark feel, and immediately I knew I had found the spot.

One of the things I was adamant about in this project was not doing what was performer5 coupon code expected (i.e.- Christopher as Eragon, etc.). But these three amazing authors have a writing group called The Merry Sisters of Fate (or The Merry Fates for short), and I have never seen any nice Merry Fates promo pics. I realized the most obvious choice was the right one, a perfect idea to just land in my lap. Lucky for me they loved it too.

The costumes were a challenge, probably the hardest to find fabric for. Initially we talked about the shoot possibly being in Denver up into the mountains for a snow picture. I wanted to do varying shades of blue, from ice blue to indigo, and I went back and forth about them all wearing all the blues, each having a different blue, etc. For the actual costumes I wanted the authors comfortable and have them reflect part of who they each are. Plus I needed them to feel like they went together (here’s an example of one of those logistical problems I mentioned in a previous post). Eventually I was able to get things where I needed them to be, and I’m extremely pleased with the final result.

The spinning wheel taking up my car
The spinning wheel taking up my car

I really wanted the props to be accurate, so I contacted The Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS about borrowing a spinning wheel. They were awesome about it, and I feel like the authenticity makes the photo so much better.

Though there were some challenges with this photo, I’m definitely planning to do a more-than-one-person photo for next year’s calendar. It opens up a lot of interesting options, and the energy can’t be beat. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do!

Tessa, Brenna, and Maggie are all on twitter, so share the photo love! Also, be sure to check out the previously released photos, and stop by my post where I reflect on the project. Plus, be sure to pre-order the calendar! 


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  • Kelly P

    This is my favorite so far. Not what I was expecting with the spinning wheel…gorgeous.

  • Jessica

    Will we be able to buy a copy of the calender?

    • Lauren

      Yup! The pre-order is going live I believe tomorrow. I’ll post about it as soon as I have it! :)

  • Kevin B.

    This is my favourite so far. I love the composition, the props, and the looks and costumes of the author/models. Maggie Stiefvater looks especially great IMO.

  • Mary Flavell

    *squee!* This is awesome! The fabric is perfect. The idea of the three fates has been a favorite of mine ever since reading Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series when I was a kid – and the book on Fate was my favorite. So fun to see another take on this!