I got buried under the work and travel of shooting the last three images, so I’m a bit delayed on this, but without further ado, here’s Gail Carriger as the evil witch queen!

carriger watermark

First off, if you haven’t read Gail’s amazing, hilarious steampunk novels, run right now to the store/library and get them (start with Soulless). They’re some of my favorite books, and having her participate in the calendar was so much fun for me. Also, for those of you who don’t know, Gail is a badass, so I had to make the photo feel appropriate for that. She loved the idea of being a classic evil villain, and I took the idea and went with it.

Testing the collar on Gail's dressform
Testing the collar on Gail’s dressform

Gail had a few corsets already, so I used a black one with external silver boning and based the feel of the costume around it. I made the collar of the jacket out of lace, which I mod-podged to get stiff and hold shape, and added metal boning on the lace to mimic the boning on the corset. This jacket is tied for my favorite costume piece (along with Lauren Kate’s feather dress, which I’ll reveal down the road). I loved the way it fit Gail, the color, the collar, all of it.

Dana having fun with our test smoke bomb.
Dana having fun with our test smoke bomb.

The theme of the photo was hard. I went back and forth on all sorts of ideas, some propecia canada cheap with water, some with ancient ruins, but I settled on magical colored smoke, like she was in the middle of casting a powerful spell. I found a row of weird, gnarly trees that had a dark queen of hearts feel to them as the background. My sister and I tested out the smoke (as seen in the hilarious photo to the right), and on the day of the shoot we had a few different colors to play with. The photo Gail and I collectively agreed on has her emerging from a cloud of magical looking blue-purple smoke, and I think it captures an evil feel perfectly.

Close-up detail of the colorful eagle skull once finished.
Close-up detail of the colorful eagle skull once finished.

I was at a loss for my bird item when it occurred to me that a skull would be the perfect evil accessory. I ordered a replica golden eagle skull and set off a few small colored smoke bombs in the eye sockets, which added some weird interesting colors (it’s now tied as my favorite prop along with Gregory’s clockwork heart). The whole overall feel is darkly ethereal, and Gail kills it with her intense look. I love this image, I think it’s an amazing addition to the calendar, and I’m so happy Gail was a part of this project. Be sure to show her some love and tell her how evilly awesome she looks! Plus be sure to check out the other photos in the calendar, and don’t forget to pre-order the calendar! 



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  • Jen

    ooh, favorite so far! Who knew glasses could be used to such chilling effect? Must try.

  • Steph Johnson

    The glasses give it a cool touch!!!

  • LOVE the finger waves!