Heya! I thought I’d kick the photo reveals off with one of the most dynamic of the photos. Without further ado, here’s is Lauren Oliver’s calendar image!

Copyright Lauren Zurchin Studios. It is illegal to use this photo without permission
Copyright Lauren Zurchin Studios. It is illegal to use this photo without permission
Glueing the peacock feathers to the frame
Glueing the peacock feathers to the frame

Ironically, this was the very first image I shot for the calendar. Seriously could I have had a more amazing model to start with? Not likely! Lauren is tall, lean, and stunning, and was excited about the prospect of wearing wings. Yes, I made the dress, and yes, she’s actually wearing the wings. I bent copper wire tubing to make the top outer edge of the wings and the stem that would attach to the harness on her back, and then I shaped a wire mesh frame to go around the piping, which the feathers were attached to. Then I placed them, one by one, on both sides of both wings, until they looked how I wanted them to.

Lucky for me my father owns a roofing company and he was able to help me with the harness. It was a piece of sheet metal cut to size with two holders for the copper pipe soldered to it, and brackets for the nylon strapping to attach it to her body were attached with rivets. It was fun and interesting, for sure! This fit under the top of the dress, with the wing holders sticking out back through the corset lace-ups, and I just slid them in an voila, peacock angel wings!

Here's the holder for the wings. Pretty high-tech, huh? :)
Here’s the holder for the wings. Pretty high-tech, huh? :)

The dress was actually based on a wedding dress pattern, a separate lace-up-the-back corset and skirt. The skirt has a train and was intended to have gathers all over it, but when I saw how amazing the skirt looked with all the extra length, I had to keep it that way. The fabric is a metallic taffeta.

Shooting the photo was an adventure! Lauren lives in Brooklyn, but she was spending some time in upstate NY. So though the initial plan was to shoot in the city, I ended up staying with her upstate for a few days, and a friend of hers located us a derelict barn, prividing exactly the setting I was looking for. This image is pretty much exactly how I saw it.

Each image will have a title. Some I’m still debating, but from the start I wanted to call this one Trapped. I think it’s fitting. What do you think?

I hope you love the image as much as I do, and don’t forget to show Lauren your love. You can find her on her website, and she’s also really active on twitter. Be sure to pop over and tell her how amazing she looks!

Also, in case you’re curious about the calendar or want to know more, you can click here. And don’t forget to pre-order your calendar today!

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  • Wow! So beautiful.

  • Sedjwick

    Absolutely gorgeous. This is a simply beautiful piece and the dress and wings are stunning. As for the title, I’m not sure Trapped is appropriate. To me, the picture does not say “trapped,” but perhaps “waiting,” but then, it’s your call in the end, so do what you want. I’m very impressed.

    • Lauren

      I like trapped because it helps explain the juxtaposition between the beauty of Lauren and the grit of where she’s at. Waiting would totally work though too. :)

  • Stephanie

    What a stunning picture!!! :D

    • Lauren

      Thanks! I really like this one.

  • Mary

    Wow – I LOVE the light in this! The color of the dress is stunning – and peacock feathers for wings = brilliant!!!!